Rotary filling machine with flow meter, type IDR, MDR

Rotary filling machines manufactured by BREITNER are particularly suitable for companies requiring large numbers of containers quickly.

Number of filling positions: 12, 16, 24 or 30 inductive
 or mass flow meters

Filling range: 20ml bis 2l

Output: up to 18.000 cont/h

  • Simple cleaning
  • Flexible rinsing programs for automatic cleaning and sterilization
  • The rinsing program can be extended up to a fully-automatic CIP-/SIP program
  • Easy, dialog-based operation
  • The machines are almost maintenance and wear and tear free
  • Under level filling via a mechanical cam
  • Hot filling
  • Special models

BREITNER rotary filling machines are available as monobloc machines in combination with all BREITNER rotary closing machines. Advantages of the monoblock system:

  • Little space required
  • High output
  • No spilling of product between filling and closing machine