Linear filling machine as piston dosing machine, type KDS

The BREITNER piston dosing machine KDS is particularly suitable for filling highly viscous products such as honey, jam or hazelnut spread. Any other products can of course also be processed on this machine.

  • Number of filling positions: 4-8
  • Filling range: 50ml bis 1l (higher volumes with multiple stroke)
  • Output: up to 7.200 cont/h
  • No size parts
  • “Changeover“ by selecting the required size from the main memory (up to 200 sizes)
  • Size-specific parameters can be optimized without any production interruption
  • Very high flexibility also regarding future products and shapes
  • Flexible rinsing programs for automatic cleaning and sterilization
  • In connection with special dosing units, the rinsing program can be extended up to a fully-automatic CIP-/SIP program
  • Perfect under level filling by means of a filling pipe movement, driven by a servo motor (saved with respective size)
  • Can be supplied with closeable filling pipes or thread cutter
  • Easy, dialog-based operation
  • Hot filling
  • Special models