Double track linear filling machine
with flow meters system TWIN, type TIDL, TMDL

High output meets flexibility

A clearly arranged design, no need for size parts, flexibility regarding the volume, flexibility for processing various bottles, quick and easy cleaning; those are the advantages of linear filling machines. The advantage of the rotary filling machine is its high output. BREITNER has combined the flexibility of linear filling machines with the high output of a rotary filling machine.

  • Number of filling positions: 12-28, inductive or mass flow meters
  • Filling range: 15ml bis 2l
  • Output: up to 15.000 cont/h
  • No size parts
  • Size-specific parameters can be optimized without any production interruption
  • Very high flexibility also regarding future products and shapes
  • Flexible rinsing programs for automatic cleaning and sterilization
  • The rinsing program can be extended up to a fully-automatic CIP-/SIP program
  • Perfect under level filling by means of a filling pipe movement, driven by a servo motor (saved with respective size)
  • Easy, dialog-based operation
  • The machines are almost maintenance and wear and tear free
  • Wide range of different sizes (e.g. from 100 ml bottle to 5 l canister without any size parts)
  • Trouble-free filling of abrasive media
  • Clean room technology machines
  • Sterile and aseptic equipment
  • Hot filling
  • Special models
  • Eex protection in accordance with ATEX 95 (only MDL)