Servo closing machine
with star wheel, type VSP / VTR

Intermittent motion linear closing machine for outputs up to 60 containers/minute. For closing all sorts of bottles, glass containers, canisters with screw-caps and press-on caps, dispenser pumps, spray pumps and trigger pumps.

  • Container sizes: 20 ml to 15 liters
  • Output: up to 60 cont/min
  • Drive: all movements are driven by servo motors
  • Capping spindle: with servo motor
  • Options: Stopper station, fitment station
  • Checking stations, reject discharge
  • Twist off
  • Gas-flushing
  • Ex protection in accordance with ATEX
  • Hose centering device for processing closures with riser pipes


  • Conveyor belts, sorters, elevators, equipment for transport shapes
  • All movements are freely programmable
  • Simple and quick size change (hardly any tools needed)
  • Pick and place system for the closures
  • Large number of options
  • Spindle torque can be set
  • Torque electronically controlled
  • Exact screwing on of oval and shaped closures
  • Positioning of unsymmetrical screw-caps and press-on caps (e.g. hinged closures)
  • Check of torque and angle of tilt possible
  • Processing closures with riser pipes such as spray pumps, dispensers and spraying pistols