Rotary closing machine
full servo, type SRT

Machine for processing pump closures with riser pipe and for processing screw-caps or press-on caps.

  • Equipped with two servo axes. The first axis controls the vertical lift movement, the second axis controls the rotation movement of the closure. By means of this combination the moved distances can be optimized depending on the type of closure.
  • Vertical movement of the capping spindles fully parameterizable which results in a maximum flexibility
  • Mechanical cams do not need to be exchanged
  • Simple and quick size change (hardly any tools needed)
  • Torque transmission without any fading
  • Easy torque setting via the machine control
  • Spindle torque can be set
  • Screwing on, pressing on, orientation
  • Nearly any type of closure can be processed
  • Each capping process is monitored
  • Formatbezogene Parameter werden in der Maschinensteuerung abgelegt und stehen auf Knopfdruck wieder zur VerfügungSize-related parameters are saved in the machine control and can be called up again by pressing a button
  • Pick and place system for the closures
  • Can be combined as monoblock unit with the BREITNER rotary filling machines