Quality is our customers‘ demand

Characteristics for quality


… starts off with a transparent offer possibly including replies to any questions you, our customer, may have.

You should be able to expect technical advice and an economic evaluation taking your requirements into consideration. Cost-benefit analysis – this is where quality starts.

Furthermore the service technician responsible for the assembly of your machine will also put it into service at site.


Both we and you are expecting our machines and equipment to run smoothly without the need for extensive maintenance and service. Low operating costs, flexibility and longevity reduce the total costs. After a long running time you will see the difference: Cheap or good value for money!

That is what we call quality and this is what you, our customers, expect!


It is our job to implement your often demanding requirements. We are developing a concept for your building requirements, periphery, required qualifications of your operating staff and to ensure a broad variety of your production.


“Everything“ is not always possible. Our experience however very often leads to a selection of the ideal processes for bottle/container supply up to the ideal labeling process. We thus come very close to “everything“.

Work sequences

Bottles are always closed after filling.

  • Is the orientation of bottles, labeling, coding before or after filling reasonable (costs, quality, safety)?
  • Are expensive sterile bottles to be acquired or are bottles cleaned in-line? Are seals to be applied separately or together with the closure?

Mit diesen Alternativen (siehe oben) befassen wir unsWe are attending to these alternatives (see above).


… It is impossible to imagine a cost-efficient, flexible machine without software. What happens after 5 years or even later with regard to the dependence on various suppliers or developments? For us software is core competence. Everything from one source. The hardware components are delivered by suppliers which guarantee a long term willingness to supply. Alternative components of a later generation are already taken into consideration during the construction of the machine.

Our experienced engineers develop our own software. We can conduct future extensions or connections as we archive any machine control of our customers. Alterations or modernizations can often be added online.

This is what we refer to as BREITNER quality