bottle unscramblers

Flexible and versatile BREITNER bottle unscramblers

The wide choice of different products of the same product group available in our specialist retail chains leads to the need for optically distinguishing characteristics of the respective packaging thus resulting in various shapes and colours of the packaging material.

The BREITNER bottle unscramblers can therefore process a wider range of differently shaped containers and container sizes while requiring a minimum of time and material for the size changes.

No matter if, for example, containers such as PET bottles for food, PP plastic canisters for chemicals or HDPE bottles for haircare products are to be processed, BREITNER always offers a tailor-made solution for your packaging requirements.

We focus on quick product changeovers, large ranges of application and a minimum amount of maintenance together with a low wear operation.

Compact BREITNER bottle unscrambler with integrated
bottle bin for outputs up to 200 containers/minute
and container sizes from 50 ml to 3 liters

Bottle Unscrambler BFL 8004

BREITNER high-output bottle unscrambler with separate
bottle bin for outputs up to 500 containers/minute
and container sizes from 50 ml to 3 liters

  • Container sizes: 50 ml to 5 liters
  • Output: up to 300 cont/min


  • conveyor and vacuum belts
  • elevators
  • inversion stations for unsymmetrical bottles
  • Für nahezu allSuitable for almost all plastic bottles and canisterse Kunststoffflaschen und Kanister geeignet
  • Bottle bins in various sizes
  • Fewer size parts
  • Quick and easy size change
  • Little space required
  • Low noise emission